Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have experience teaching?

No. The program is geared to train everyone who wishes to help a child. You will be thoroughly trained to assess students and deliver Augustine lessons.

Who do you tutor?

We tutor primarily low-income first through third grade students, who qualify for free or reduced-price lunch and are at least one grade level below in reading. The student does need to have a good attendance record.

What makes an Augustine lesson unique?

ALP lessons allow students to process reading in an alternative way through a pattern of hearing, saying, touching, seeing, writing and reading each word following a strict lesson plan customized to their level.

I am interested in becoming an Augustine Tutor. What do I have to do?

Please fill out and submit our training inquiry form. You will be contacted to schedule a time to talk about training details, the time commitment and cost.

Do I have to pay to be trained as an Augustine Tutor?

It costs ALP approximately $1,000 to train and support an Augustine tutor. $300 worth of materials are provided and that is your up-front monetary cost. (A limited number of up-front scholarships are available where there is a need.) As a tutor, you will keep all of your tutoring materials. ALP pays for all other costs with monies donated from various sources. As ALP grows, we are hoping to receive sufficient grant funding to reimburse the up-front $300 material cost to those who have received their Certificate of Completion and applied for the reimbursement.

How much time does the Augustine Tutor Training take to complete?

2015 Tutor TrainingThe 70 hours of training includes a precourse assignment, classroom instruction and a practicum.

Readings and video lessons are assigned before training classes begin, and homework is assigned during training. These are combined with classroom training to fulfill the required 70 hours of training without additional days in class. You will be assigned a pre-course training partner to help you prepare for the quiz on the advance material. A minimum score of 80% on the pre-course assignment quiz is required before you start class. You must also successfully complete an online course of training regarding safe practices when working with a child and agree to a background check.

The training sessions are offered in a weekend format with classes on Friday evening from 5:00 — 8:30pm and Saturday from 8:00am — 4:30pm for three (3) non-consecutive weekends. These are usually scheduled in January and September. The need for Augustine tutors will be even greater when schools reopen and we'd love to talk to you!

Following the classroom portion of the training, you will begin working with your Augustine student. An experienced mentor tutor will be with you for the initial assessment and first few lessons. You will then continue tutoring that child for the remainder of the school year. When you have completed 60 lessons along with a successful lesson observation by a certified Augustine tutor, you will receive your Certificate of Completion of the Augustine training.

I understand there is a service commitment required of me if I complete the course. What is it?

You commit to deliver 60 pro-bono lessons to qualified ALP students. This is typically two lessons per week while school is in session. Sometimes, due to vacations and other reasons, you may have to go into the next school year, possibly with a new student.

We hope you will enjoy the tutoring experience and choose to continue beyond the 60-hour requirement. The success of our program depends upon committed tutors who return year after year to tutor one child and change two lives.

How is a student selected for me to tutor?

The ALP Director and/or lead tutor at the school works together with school administrators to select the student.

Where and when will I be able to tutor?

You will tutor in the student's school at a time amenable to both you and the student's teacher, typically twice weekly.

When is the next Training Class?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our training classes are on hold. We will schedule the next training when we feel it is reasonable according to CDC guidelines to meet in person again.

I am a current Augustine Tutor who would like a refresher course. Do I need to register and pay again for another Training Class?

Since you already have purchased your materials, there is no cost to attend. You must notify the Director of your intent to participate in the class if you plan to participate in practice lessons with a mentor tutor. Otherwise, feel free to audit all or any part of the course.

What certification will I have when I complete training?

After completing the course and your first year of tutoring, you will receive an Augustine certificate of course completion, not an Orton-Gillingham document.

Submit an inquiry form to learn if this training course is for you.

Without intervention, children do not outgrow poor reading. 74% of poor readers in the 3rd grade are still poor readers in the 9th grade.